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Bearded Guys Company Story

(My beautiful family...I am blessed)


My name is Josh and I started Bearded Guys Company because I think all types of facial hair follicles are awesome and need to be kept looking and feeling amazing! We only use 100% all natural ingredients in our products so rest easy knowing you will be using the best. I also really enjoy helping others in need. I find myself like most, wanting to help out more but life always finds a way to assist with that not happening as much as I would like. So, I decided to start this company as a way to combine two of the things I love, rockin facial hair and helping others.

When we sell a product at Bearded Guys Company a dollar is donated to the Support Homeless Veterans organization. I love our country, and those who fought to keep it amazing deserve to be treated like the hero's they are. Unfortunately, thousands of our vets find themselves without jobs or a home and are on the streets. The Support Homeless Veterans organization is doing great things all around the U.S.A. to help assist our vets which is why we selected them to receive the donations from all you awesome bearded guys purchasing our stuff.

I always love feedback about our products and you can do that on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or email at 

Thank you so much for shopping our products and helping our veterans.

Never Shave,


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